Susan Ferentinos

History in Service of the Future

Susan Ferentinos

I believe that an understanding of the past is essential for building a rich and responsible future. Toward that end, my work combines the best historical practices with a commitment to relevance and connection. This vision has led me to a variety of efforts, such as collaborating with the National Park Service on over a hundred cultural resource and interpretive projects, writing a book on interpreting LGBT history, giving public presentations and tours of local historic sites, curating exhibits, working in libraries and archives, and advocating for a larger understanding within the historical profession of the potential of our work. While my experience has been wide and varied, the belief behind it has stayed the same: History has the power to change the present world.

Award-Winning Book on Interpreting LGBT History

“Ferentinos bases her work in sound scholarship, providing a concise history of the subject matter—quite an achievement when she clearly argues that there is not one lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) history, but many. Following the historical overview, Ferentinos introduces three well-chosen case studies… “

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