Out and About in October and November 2019

After a lovely seven weeks at my home base, I’m preparing to get back on the road this week for a few appearances.

On October 24, I will be presenting as part of the Architectural Fieldwork Symposium, put on annually by the Maryland Historical Trust. I’ll be offering guidance on how to approach historic preservation projects related to LGBTQ history, base on what we’ve learned doing the Maryland LGBTQ Historic Context Study. For more information on that project, you can visit the “Projects” page of this website.

On October 28, I’ll be attending the Delaware Arts Summit in Dover, Delaware. I’m not on the agenda for this event; rather, I’ll be attending other people’s presentations to expose myself to new ideas. My decision to attend this event is part of a larger effort I’m making this fall to attend numerous workshops and talks that are adjacent to the work I do, but not directly related to it. My goal is to expand my knowledge base and my network and see where these new experiences lead me.

On November 7, I’ll be back behind the podium, this time in Indianapolis, as part of that city’s annual Spirit and Place festival. I’ll be part of a panel discussion called, “Seen and Heard: Cultural Organizations and the LGBTQ Experience,” where we will look at a variety of local Indiana-based efforts to interpret, preserve, and share LGBTQ experiences with the wider community. The Spirit and Place festival is all about community conversations, and so we are looking forward to an engaging exchange of ideas.

Interested in having me speak at your event? Drop me at line here.