Project Management

During the ten years I served as the public history director of the Organization of American Historians (OAH), project management was the largest part of my job duties. Overseeing a collaborative program between the OAH and the National Park Service, I managed over 100 historical and interpretive projects. I now bring the skills I learned in that position–project scoping, budgeting, setting realistic timelines, and team management–into service for my clients.

Project Management

I am available to assist your organization in accomplishing a particular goal, such as establishing a new program, satisfying the terms of a grant, or undertaking a finite effort requiring historic expertise.

Here are examples of projects I have managed

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens, & Arboretum National Historic Landmark Request for Proposals

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens, & Arboretum, in Bristol, Rhode Island, was interested in hiring a contractor to write a National Historic Landmark nomination for the historic property. However, they were unfamiliar with the process of putting out a Request for Proposals (RFP), selecting a contractor, and negotiating the terms of the work, so I was brought on to assist with these tasks.

Telling the Whole Story Women's History Summit

In an effort to expand the history being documented and interpreted within the National Park Service (NPS), the agency partnered with the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites to host a two-day gathering of scholars and NPS personnel to create an action plan for expanding women’s history in the national parks. I was brought on to help with planning, identification of invitees, and facilitation of the event.

Group image of the participants of the National Park Service Women's History Summit
Telling the Whole Story Women’s History Summit

Imperiled Promise

As part of my work with the Organization of American Historians, I was tasked overseeing the creation of a report assessing the state of the National Park Service history program. I engaged a team of scholars (Anne Mitchell Whisnant, Marla Miller, Gary Nash, and David Thelen), helped them develop their methodology and create a survey, and managed the completion and production of the report, which went on to win the annual group consulting award from the National Council on Public History.

Professional Staffing

In addition to managing special projects, I am available to provide part-time professional staffing to your organization, to fill in during staff transitions or to cover a small amount of permanent duties requiring specific expertise.

Here are examples of professional staffing I have provided

Acting Executive Director, National Council on Public History

I served as the acting executive director of the National Council on Public History, based in Indianapolis, while the group’s executive director was on parental leave.

Acting Public History Director, Organization of American Historians

After the unexpected death of Aidan Smith, who replaced me as public history director of the Organization of American Historians (OAH), the organization asked me to step in to cover Aidan’s duties until the position could be filled. I pieced together the current state of Aidan’s various responsibilities, readied the position for a new employee, and assisted with the selection of the organization’s next public history director.

Group at an NCPH conference
Socializing with colleagues at NCPH 2013. I am second from the right.

Career Diversity Advisor, Indiana University Department of History

For the past eight years, I have worked with the Indiana University Department of History on preparing their students for a range of careers after graduation. At various times, this work has involved managing the department’s internship program, executing a series of career development workshops, meeting one-on-one with graduate students about career options, and creating a regular newsletter about career diversity for humanities PhDs. Recently, I have taken on similar duties with the Indiana University Department of Spanish and Portuguese, as well.